Pol. Ind. CAN VOLART Nave A-2 08150 Parets del Vall├Ęs. Barcelona - Tel:93 562 10 54 Fax:93 562 40 40

Our company provides various types of services:
Corrective and preventive maintenance.
Our technicians perform maintenance services in many companies in
order to meet production loads.
Repair, adjustment and testing of machinery.

Artemain also serves the repair, adjustment and testing of any type of machine, both, in Spain and abroad.
Industrial retrofitting.

The Retrofit is made to meet the criteria and customer requirements in terms of performance and quality. The machines are adapted to the specific required applications .
Installation of automatisms.
The technical department is developing new automation systems to be implemented in existing industrial
processes, in order to improve the quality and production time.
Design and tool's manufacturing.
PLCs and digital controls updating.
Electrical panels and cabinets updating.